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The Annual Dairy Sheep and Goat Conference has world class lectures on aspects of Dairy Sheep and Dairy Goat production and medicine, aimed at all small ruminant farmers, vets, advisors, nutritionists and suppliers. A combination of quality science and practical information given to an audience of farmers and vets.

The Conference aims to develop the partnership between Dairy Sheep and Dairy Goat farmers and their vets, advisors and nutritionists – learning together to develop this partnership.

The Conference provides a forum for all interested in Dairy Sheep and Dairy Goat production to get together to learn and discuss current issues in the field.

Details of our 2018 Conference will be added very soon – CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.
Yoav and David at DS&GC 2017

Conference 2017 << LATEST

February 2017, Bristol, UK

World leaders in the field gave stimulating and useful talks on varied aspects of Dairy Sheep and Dairy Goat production medicine. The speakers were from Australia, Canada, the U.S. and the Netherlands as well as UK-based.
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Conference 2016

February 2016, Bristol, UK

The first annual conference was attended by over 100 producers, vets, students and sponsors.
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At Friars Moor Vets we are building expertise with our small ruminant dairy farmers, developing health programs and collaborating with these farmers to form a partnership to improve all aspects of Dairy Sheep and Dairy Goat medicine and production.


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