What We Do

At Friars Moor Vets we are building expertise with our small ruminant dairy farmers, developing health programs and collaborating with these farmers to form a partnership to improve all aspects of Dairy Sheep and Dairy Goat medicine and production.

We organise the Dairy Sheep and Goat Conference.

We work with a large number of dairy sheep and goat farms. We have in-house expertise on dairy sheep medicine, dairy sheep production medicine and dairy goat medicine, and offer advice and consultancy services to vets and to dairy sheep and goat farmers through their vets.

We also offer full routine and emergency cover for many flocks/herds as well as direct consultancy services on the following areas:

  • Metabolic profiling
  • Nutritional advice
  • Lamb and kid rearing including colostrum management
  • Ram fertility including pre-breeding screens and semen testing
  • Ewe and Nanny fertility including synchronisation protocols
  • Milk quality assurance
  • Disease monitoring and vaccination protocols
  • Bespoke herd/flock plans
  • Consultancy services to vets and farmers on all aspects of small ruminant health
  • Lab services

We have a Johne’s disease monitoring package and can advise on control methods.

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